Meet Cute

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Meet Cute

Meet Cute

I think that people should ask more often where and how you met your closest friends. Yeah, yeah, the stories don’t have the same cadence as typical romantic stories, meaning that they don’t (always) end in “and then we kissed!”-but I think they’re usually better stories. Even though you didn’t ask, I’ll share with you some of mine.


This is my most stereotypical college meet cute. When it happened, I thought I could write a movie about it. It was probably day 2 of New Student Week (Carleton’s orientation for first-years), and I was cleaning/organizing my new room. I had propped my door open and turned my music on high volume, a sure way to attract friends. Is Grademiners legit And Maya must have heard my call! She lived in the room right across the hall from me-the 416 to my 427-and we both kind of poked our heads out. She said “Is that Girlpool?” and I actually clutched my heart because she recognized my favorite band. Since then, we became roomies & have now trekked to Europe together on the same Off Campus Studies program.


Mabel and I constantly complain that we didn’t become friends sooner-the chance was practically dangling over our heads for the entirety of our first year at Carleton. We were in the same Chinese class, which meant 5 days a week, one classroom, lots of dialogue (even if it did mostly consist of poorly translated sentences). Somehow, it didn’t happen for a long time. Sure, we sat next to each other and laughed at one another’s jokes, but we were barely saying a casual “Ni Hao” by the end of that first year. But Chinese class didn’t fail us altogether-by sophomore year, we were grabbing meals after class and meeting up to study. Turns out we had much more in common than zhong wen. Since then, we lived together in Chicago during our Winter Externships and *suprise* are in Europe together right now.


Brynne was the first person I met at Carleton who gave me her phone number. It was exactly the connection that I’d been waiting for! The best part? She doesn’t remember doing it. And use that phone number, I did not, for probably about a year! Yet another missed opportunity of friendship. Brynne and I saw each other around a lot through our respective feminist circles and clubs, but really it was Mabel (remember her?) who brought us together through many joint hangouts-well, Mabel and the weird class schedules we both had sophomore year, which made it imperative that we eat lunch together. Since then, Brynne and I lived and worked together at Dacie Moses House this past summer and ran a blog about all of the delicious foods we cooked up. We called it


Ellie is the funniest person I ever have and ever will meet in the entirety of the universe. We met when I auditioned for her improv group and have had the most interesting friendship ever since! She welcomed me into the group with the most open of arms and the most inclusive of inside jokes. I remember that at the first meal she invited me to get with her, a bunch of her cool sophomore friends sat down at the table with us and I was terrified at the prospect of making conversation with them, but Ellie is a conversation BRIDGE if ever there was one. Since then, Ellie took Brynne and myself on many adventures this past summer and was often featured on Dining Ynn-and we’ve shared many a lady improv scene together onstage.

Wow how good it feels to brag about your friends through the form of a blog!! Stay tuned for Meet Cute 2: More friends to gush about.

Lynn is a Cinema and Media Studies/Women’s and Gender Studies double major. She’s from the desert! You can catch her telling jokes with the standup group Queens of Comedy and the improv group Cujokra, or trying to ride her bike without using her hands. She’s really into writing for infemous (Carleton’s feminist zine), working at Dacie Moses (the cookie house), and eating (food). One time she applied for a job at Cakewalk and didn’t get it.

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